Happy Samhain! PEEZMO AI versus Great Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us, and for those who know my affinity for all things eerie and uncanny, it’s no surprise that I’m diving headfirst into the festivities. This year, we’re taking the celebration to an extraordinary level with an exclusive release that’s sure to captivate any lover of the spooky season.

A Haunting Addition to the PEEZMO AI 21 Collection

In collaboration with MAGALL ART, my dedicated management team, we’ve conjured up something truly special for this Halloween. We’ve decided to expand the beloved PEEZMO AI 21 collection with 13 exclusive Halloween-themed artworks. Each piece is infused with the unique PEEZMO AI essence, blending our signature AI artistry with a touch of Halloween magic.

Creepy, Captivating, Collectible

These 13 artworks are not just any additions; they are masterpieces of the macabre, designed to thrill and chill. Crafted with the innovative spirit of PEEZMO AI, each piece captures the eerie beauty of Halloween through a lens that only artificial intelligence can provide. From haunting landscapes to spooky spectres, every artwork tells a story that will leave you both enchanted and a little edgy.

Catch the Spine-Tingling Trailer

To give everyone a taste of what’s lurking around the corner, we’ve released a spine-tingling trailer for the PEEZMO AI Halloween series. This trailer is your gateway to a world of artistic horror, showcasing snippets of the artworks that await their new homes. Each frame is a testament to the eerie elegance that PEEZMO AI can bring to your collection, making it a perfect Halloween treat.

Don’t Miss Out!

These 13 limited-edition Halloween artworks are a must-have for any collector or Halloween enthusiast. Not only do they capture the spirit of the season, but they also embody the cutting-edge creativity that PEEZMO AI is known for. Consider securing one (or several) of these captivating pieces for your collection. They are more than just art; they are a seasonal celebration of what digital creativity can conjure.

Join the Festivities

As the veil between worlds thins this Halloween, make sure you’re ready to celebrate with a piece of PEEZMO AI’s Halloween art. Watch the trailer, feel the chills, and prepare to own a piece of this limited-time collection. Remember, with only 13 pieces available, you’ll want to act quickly before they vanish into the night!

Happy haunting, and may your Halloween be as artfully spooky as a PEEZMO AI creation!

A mask tells us more than a face.

Oscar Wilde
Don’t mess with the Boss
Almost forgotten but existent
Childhood Trauma
When Matter Becomes the Subtle
Artificial Intelligence Art based on Synthetic Emotions
Minted on Polygon $MATIC

Available on OpenSea.io
Kevin alone in Hell

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