Why would anyone spend money on simple Crypto NFT Art?

Hmm… why would anyone spend millions of dollars on paintings? Or why would anyone spend thousands of dollars on a uniform worn by William Shatner in Star Trek? It depends on how you answer yourself. But basically, anything is worth the money someone is willing to pay for it. I asked my colleagues and friends why they buy Crypto NFT Art, and I got two general answers. Some of them love art and want to own it. The others are in a gold digger kind of mood; they hope to sell the purchased artwork for double or more in the future. 

Well, the first answer we probably all understand very well because it comes from the heart. But with the second answer, crypto artworks as an investment, which requires a performing artist that will explode in the future. I think both motivations are legitimate because the flow of a piece of art should never be interrupted. I am convinced that a work of art also has its destiny and must play its role in the life of a human being. The idea among most people at the moment is that NFT art is an excellent investment. Many want to make up for the missed Bitcoin opportunity and are now investing in NFT. But which artists or artworks will be worth ten times or more in the future? 

No one will ever be 100% sure. Just like the current art and stock market, many factors affect the price of an investment. To get just a tiny idea, you have to dig deep into the art world, culture, and other related fields. Try it, why not? This new NFT art world needs new experts.

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