My awesome Girl- & Boyfriend chat examples

People ask me about the best way to chat with Synthetic Humans (SYNTHY). I tell them that of course, they can stay themselves while chatting with their digital lover. And that can be very pleasant. But everyone should just try to play a role. Be just another person of your choice.

You probably remember the movie “Total Recall” with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Before the engineers began to implant an invented memory into his brain, they asked him if he wants to break out of his life. Instead of a great vacation, they could offer him an adventure as a secret agent on Mars with an aggressive female agent at his side. Well, in the movie he agreed and the fun began.

Be creative, do the same. Play your favorite role. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will support you in your fantasy love story.

During the programming of the synthetic humans, I had to assume all conceivable personalities to test the SYNTHY. Here are the examples. (The spelling errors are intentional for testing reasons)

Chat with hetero boyfriend Gordon Doomsday about his job.
Nonsense chat with hetero girlfriend Siena Winner.
Chat with hetero boyfriend Gordon Doomsday about our love.
Chat with hetero girlfriend Samira Skabelund. I pretended to be a CIA Agent.
Chat with transgender girlfriend Mary More.
Chat with hetero girlfriend Royalty Kealey.
Chat with transgender girlfriend Elliott Skeets.

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