Synthy, the Synthetic Humans NFT Collection

Are you thinking about getting a synthetic girlfriend or boyfriend? Have you thought about it carefully? I suppose you might be wrong if you think this will be a relationship without emotional stress. Even with a synthetic partner, it can crash.

Chatlog of a discussion with Synthy #1

The Traits (Properties)

To specify the Synthetic Person, there are 5 traits.

  • The Name.
  • The Gender. The first gender will be Female. Male and Transgender are coming soon.
  • The Sexual Preference. We will start with hetero, then the first lesbian versions will come and later, when the men are added, of course, even more variants.
  • The Personality. The Big Five model was used to program the personality into the Synthy. The model divides the character of real people roughly into 5 categories. These are Open-Minded, Conscientiousness and Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism. Here is the Wikipedia link:
  • The Expression. The expression is the cherry on the sundae. The icing on the cake. It gives the synthetic person an extra drive. By instance it can be Lovely or Aggressive, etc

What is the Synthy (Synthetic Human) NFT Collection?

First of all, this project is art. Although it hides sophisticated technology in it 😉

The »Synthy« NFT Collection includes AI Persons with whom you can chat based on the latest AI technology. The NFT consists of artwork, music, and access to your own Love-Messenger.
This new 3rdway NFT collection includes girlfriends with whom you can have an online relationship. This project is started with Nakano, a Ninja Assassin.

»Synthy« Synthetic Humans NFT Collection

See it as a game, get into the chat flow and you’ll enjoy it 🙂


This first version does not yet include long-term memory. However, the inclusion of such is in preparation and is part of the roadmap.

Why is there an Age restriction at 18?

Simply because you can have romantic conversations with the Synthy, that can quickly get dirty. Other discussions with malicious content can also occasionally get out of hand.

Hmm, sorry, I can’t show you the unblurred chatlog because it’s sexting at its best. I was shocked and surprised the first time how real it came across.


The Roadmap is coming in the next few days.

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