The very unique Fluffybuttz came to Earth

Fluffybuttz Print on Aluminium
The Fluffybuttz – Captain Mylfhunta
The Fluffybuttz – Lieutenant Manypoo

An NFT Art Collection that reveals a Secret

It happened overnight. An extraterrestrial race, the Geekz, changed the genetic makeup of some animals to hide in them their best freedom fighters on Earth. The result was a mix of soft toys and real animals. The Fluffybuttz were born. So cruelly disfigured and yet so cute.

Now, they are waiting to show their heroism in the final epic battle to liberate their planet with the name: Sugardaddy. In the meantime, they take care of their pet human friends.

I didn’t realize that he had a sheep’s head when I got my dog from my fiancé for Christmas. I thought, Chihuahuas just look like that. It wasn’t until he was mowing instead of barking and just eating grass that I started to wonder.
But then he began to speak with a human voice and revealed to me that he is Staff Sergeant Weenee, a member of the Planet Sugardaddy Liberation Army. Oh girl, in shock, this revelation delayed my PMS for a week.

Sheeza Freak, 28, New York, USA
The Fluffybuttz – Staff Sergeant Weenee
Minted on Ethereum $ETH

Available on

The Fluffybuttz are ready to buy

This NFT Art Collection is a little fun on the side. It will contain only 10 NFTs. If they sell, then, of course, there will be more from the Fluffybuttz universe. The images are 2,000 x 2,000 pixels but can be blown up to 6,000 x 6,000 pixels upon request via AI. Then it is also possible to print the images with high quality on aluminum or canvas. BTW in the properties, you can see what superpower your chosen Fluffybutt has.

The CutyCutes – Corporal Fingersmith
The CutyCutes – Brigadier Rugrat

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