The Essence Of Experimentation In My Hand-Curated NFT Collection

Welcome to “MOTHER CORE,” a unique and special collection within my artistic domain. This collection is not like any other—it is the reservoir of my unrestricted creativity and the home of my experimental art pieces that defy traditional categorization.

The Joy of Artistic Freedom

Art, in its truest form, is an expression of the soul. It transcends boundaries and often, the most genuine expressions do not fit neatly into predefined categories. That’s where “MOTHER CORE” comes in. It’s a celebration of pure, unbridled artistic exploration, where each piece is a testament to trying something new, breaking the mold, and embracing the unexpected.

A Collection Born from Experimentation

Every artist reaches a point where their creative impulses push them to explore unfamiliar territories—new techniques, mediums, or concepts that may not align with their existing body of work. “MOTHER CORE” is my canvas for such ventures. Whether it’s a new method I’ve developed using the PEEZMO AI engine or a spontaneous inspiration that demanded to be created, this collection captures the essence of innovation and creativity.

What You Will Find in MOTHER CORE

“MOTHER CORE” is eclectic by design. Here, you’ll find artworks that range from digital paintings and AI-generated images to hybrid works that blend multiple techniques and mediums. Each piece is hand-curated by me and holds a special place in my artistic journey. These aren’t just artworks; they are explorations and expressions of moments when my creative spirit was particularly fervent.

The Role of AI in MOTHER CORE

PEEZMO AI, my digital counterpart, plays a pivotal role in this collection. This advanced AI not only assists in creating some of the artworks but is also integral in deciding which creations make it to “MOTHER CORE.” The AI’s ability to analyze and process vast amounts of visual and contextual data enables it to select works that truly stand out for their innovation and aesthetic appeal.


“MOTHER CORE” is more than just a collection of NFTs. It’s a snapshot of the evolutionary process of art as influenced by AI and new media. It represents a living, evolving archive of creativity that is unafraid to question, challenge, and redefine the boundaries of digital art.

Looking Forward

As “MOTHER CORE” continues to grow, so does its significance. It becomes a richer, more diverse tapestry of human-AI collaboration in art. For collectors and art enthusiasts, it offers a chance to own a piece of this explorative journey—an artifact of creativity from the bleeding edge of digital artistry.

Stay tuned to witness how “MOTHER CORE” evolves and what new boundaries we’ll push in the landscape of digital and NFT art. This is just the beginning. Let’s continue to explore the unknown together, and celebrate the beauty that arises from the joy of experimentation.

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