Tile your bathroom with Psycho Tiles

Psycho Tiles are psychedelic art. They were created by PEEZMO AI, an artificial intelligence that produces collage art based on synthetic emotions. Instead of feeding the machine with normal emotions, I used synthetic LSD to provide PEEZMO AI with psychedelic thought processes. The more LSD I added, the more the image changed to a pattern where only a few details could be seen.

This NFT collection lives on Klaytn. The collection will contain 88 pieces of art.

The more the mind reflects itself, the more the patterns emerge.


The Psycho Tiles are ready to use Tiles

Single tile

Tiled version

The tiles have a size of 2k x 2k pixels. If you wish, our AI scaling software can blow the image up to 8k x 8k pixels. The color space of the pictures is in 8 colors, 16 colors, and full-color mode.

As the saying goes, what’s on the inside is on the outside. The Psycho Tiles are both at the same time.


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