It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.

Philip K. Dick, Author

Let’s finally admit it; we’re all nuts.

Cell phone user statistics from 2020 say that the average user spends 3.7 hours a day on their smartphone. And young people who also play games on their devices spend up to 9 hours a day. We’re crazy. We’re already in the metaverse, with one foot in virtuality.

Honestly, if I had told a person around 2000 about this future in which we all stare at little square boxes that we hold in our hands, he wouldn’t believe me. This idea was unthinkable back then; I think the millennium person even would have died laughing. And I, as a 2021 guy, would have taken a picture of him lying dead on the ground and posted it on Instagram. Yes, that’s just part of the excellent tone today at the »Like« hunt.

So we are crazy! And what suits smartphone-addicted borderliners like us better as a disturbing wallpaper for the phone screen. A symbol of unique madness. An LSD disturbing visual. A graphical short circuit in the head. A sign of our all-encompassing rage about our un-rage. It’s time. Grab it on

Minted on Polygon $MATIC

Available on

The NFT Art Collection

The collection contains only 50 NFTs. The images are 1,440 x 2,960 pixels. BTW in the properties, you can see the grade of LSD Madness.

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