What says the AI about Art? Is anything Art?

Text created by Artificial Intelligence. I insert the question »Is art anything?« And I got this answer.

Realized with OpenAI GPT-3
Image from Unsplash.com

Art is a human cultural product. The study of art is not an abstract pursuit but a quest into human creativity’s real history and practice. Artists have been deeply concerned with history ever since people began making art.
An exhibition in Florence shows how they were concerned from the start. From Giotto’s paintings to Picasso’s show, there are no abstract artists. Art has always had concrete reference points. But over recent decades, these references have become less clear and more obscure.
They include questions such as: Who makes art? Where does it come from? What sorts of art do we make? How can we judge what kind of art we have made? What effect has our work had on other people? And what possible significance does this work or that person hold for us?
So, the process of answering your question »Is Art Anything?« involves investigation into the details of visual works and written texts.

Answer from OpenAI GPT-3

Whoever reads this answer and wonders how appropriately the machine could answer the question “Is anything art?” should know that this piece of technology doesn’t know what it answered there. Instead, in millions of texts, it has looked up how people have ever responded to the question and created an interpolated answer from this result.

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