255 NFT for Outdoor Advertiser STRÖER

Every year, the question comes up: what do we give our customers for Christmas? Ströer, one of Germany’s leading outdoor advertisers, with over 7000 billboards (only) in Hamburg, Germany, came up with a great idea. They wanted to give 255 handpicked customers and investors unique art NFTs for Christmas.

I had the great fortune to be chosen as an NFT artist by Ströer, so that my AI generated artwork became a Christmas gift of a special kind.

The only requirement from Ströer was: it should create the images from one main motif, a beautiful old school advertising pillar standing on a square. The challenge was to create 255 images out of one motif, which should look as different as possible.

Short info about the realization:
Here, I teamed up with Numport, a company I’ve worked with on some crazy AI projects.
Numport generated the 255 crypto wallets associated with the artworks and I filled them with my art.
This way we could make sure that even those who didn’t have a wallet got something out of the Christmas gift. Everyone else simply transferred the AI artwork from the gifted wallet to their own wallet.

Ströer Video about their »NFT Winterdrop« and the 255 plus NFT Christmas presents.

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