Volkswagen launches exciting AI event series with Dario Gi’s exhibits

The Launch of DRIVE.ahead – A Bold Step into the AI Realm

Volkswagen’s initiative aims to demystify AI and showcase its potential in transforming our daily lives. The event, held at the DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum, brings together experts from various fields to discuss AI’s applications, opportunities, and limitations. Hauke Stars, Volkswagen’s IT and Digitalization Board Member, emphasizes the importance of making AI accessible to everyone: “We want to foster knowledge about digital technologies and inspire enthusiasm for the possibilities of AI.”

The AI Lounge – An Interactive Experience

One of the highlights of the event is the AI Lounge at the DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum. Here, visitors can explore future mobility concepts powered by AI, engage in conversations with AI, and discover a variety of exhibits. This interactive environment aims to provide hands-on experiences with AI technologies, making the abstract tangible and understandable.

Dario Gi’s Artistic Contributions

Adding a unique artistic dimension to the event, Dario Gi has contributed four AI exhibits. These software artworks exemplify the creative potential of AI, blurring the lines between technology and artistry. Gi’s exhibits are not just simple software but also serve as a testament to the innovative capabilities of AI n the art world.

Addressing the Skills Gap

Volkswagen’s event also tackles the pressing issue of the digital skills gap. With 90% of jobs today requiring basic IT skills, there’s a growing need for accessible education and training in AI. Hauke Stars notes, “We will only address the skills shortage by creating engaging information and learning opportunities. Future career paths will be open to those with the necessary skills, even without formal degrees.”

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