Is Art Created by PEEZMO AI Truly Artistic?

The debate surrounding whether AI-generated art qualifies as “true” art is frequent and passionate. I firmly believe that it does. After all, I programmed the AI, positioning me as an artist orchestrating the process from behind the scenes. In this way, I direct the AI’s virtual synapses, which are pivotal in its decision-making during the creation of art.

Consider this perspective: When Van Gogh painted, his creations were infused with an immense portion of his essence, what I like to call “soul energy.” This isn’t meant in an esoteric sense but rather as a testament to the palpable human energy present in his work. This energy is evident; a painting executed with genuine soulful dedication can profoundly impact the viewer. This “soul factor” is crucial for identifying both the artwork and its creator.

In creating AI art, I incorporate real-world visuals—images of actual people, animals, and landscapes. These elements carry their own inherent energy, pieces of our collective human experiences, and our subconscious recognizes this. Art generated by AI, especially when enriched with such authentic components, offers a wealth of stimuli for the subconscious, far surpassing that found in wholly synthetic creations. Thus, the art my AI produces is not just a product of technology but a blend of human creativity and real-world inspiration, making it undeniably my own artistic expression.

Here is a small compilation of what the PEEZMO AI machine has produced over the last years.

PEEZMO AI Artworks – Doctor Stranger than Strange
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Flower Astronaut
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Dentist’s Dream
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Compulsory cleaning
PEEZMO AI Artworks – 2 tongues Benny
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Nail Orgasm
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Big Bro Thinking
PEEZMO AI Artworks – There is something wrong!
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Color Wave
PEEZMO AI Artworks – In-between World
PEEZMO AI Artworks – In my Dreams
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Mata Hari Dance
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Funny Gas Mask
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Free Energy

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