The question “Is AI art even art?” comes up more often. I say, of course it’s art. The person who programmed it is me. I am the artist in the background who, so to speak, directs the artificial synapses that are later responsible for the decision-making processes of the machine.

Let me put it this way, as I feel it: When a Van Gogh paints a picture, a very large part of his soul is in it, that’s what I call soul energy. This is not even meant esoterically, this is simply the energy of the human artist. I am of the opinion one sees that. If someone paints with full soul, then it slays you. In my opinion, the soul variant is decisive for the art and its artist.

Therefore, it behaves in my art so, I use as already said additional visual material from our real world. Real people, real animals, real mountains, etc. These photos contain by themselves this just mentioned energy. They are parts of our experienced existence. And believe it or not, our subconscious notices this. Such an AI work of art contains significantly more stimuli for our subconscious than a 100% retort image.

Here is a small compilation of what the PEEZMO AI machine has produced over the last years.

PEEZMO AI Artworks – Doctor Stranger than Strange
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Flower Astronaut
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Dentist’s Dream
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Compulsory cleaning
PEEZMO AI Artworks – 2 tongues Benny
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Nail Orgasm
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Big Bro Thinking
PEEZMO AI Artworks – There is something wrong!
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Color Wave
PEEZMO AI Artworks – In-between World
PEEZMO AI Artworks – In my Dreams
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Mata Hari Dance
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Funny Gas Mask
PEEZMO AI Artworks – Free Energy