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A Miracle on Toast

There are still miracles happening in this world. Marian apparitions in holy places. Spontaneous Jesus stigmata on religious people. Potatoes that look like Elvis. And now, roasted slices of toast with an idol’s face burned into them.

The first Season of this collection is ready, it contains 71 »Stars on Toast« Here are the Star categories:

High-Flyers: These are the new stars and maybe the Icons (superstars) of tomorrow.

Icons: These are high-flyers who have made it to the next level of fame. They are very famous but still lack the impact to be mentioned 50 years plus from now.

Archetypes: These are Icons that have made it. Unfortunately, only a few of them are still alive. But they are associated with much more than their fame factor.

Heroes: These are real Heroes. Nothing more, nothing less.

Lyzz: These are Pornstars. Ask a guy if he watches porn. He will say no. Ask the same one about some pornstar names; he will tell you 5 of them right away. These stars are hidden celebrities.

Brandgasm: These Brands are celebrated like an orgasm. What can I say to that? Brands are also stars these days.

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How I came up with the Idea

Two years ago, I programmed an Artificial Intelligence software called PEEZMO AI that creates collage art based on synthetic emotions. And since the sale of the artwork is now managed by MAGALL ART an NFT agency, I thought it was time for something new.
And so it began. A few people and I sat together and discussed that the world we were moving in is overloaded with information and tons of new stars. I thought out loud about the stars and came to an assumption. The more stars there are in this world, the more depth (market penetration) each of them loses. My friends agreed with me.

Well, everyone indeed knows everything about their particular star, but in a global sense, that star loses significance. He becomes a drop in the sea of celebrities. He is visibly flattening. Today much more than in the past.

Maybe you have already heard this story in the past. Marilyn Monroe was asked what she was wearing to bed. “A few drops of Chanel No. 5”, the goddess answered to the journalist. And of course, the sales of this perfume went up rapidly worldwide. And even her non-fans were caught up in it. You can’t imagine such an impact today.

And that’s how the Stars On Toast idea came about.

There is a star overload in this world today. As a result, the more stars there are, the more depth (market penetration) each loses. So, when you watch a Star On Toast picture, you see a thinned star on flat toast. A lean meal, eaten in a colorful environment. I want to emphasize this once again. I love you all, my beautiful stars! But that’s just the spirit of the times. A star is, unfortunately, no longer what he used to be.

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