Beautiful NFT Collection – 4000 stunning PEEZMO AI Artworks

PEEZMO AI 21 is an NFT collection of upcoming 4.000 unique NFTs — created by advanced self-learning Artificial Intelligence. The machine is creating art through synthetic emotions and serves its own smart contract with a new fresh digital high-quality collage artwork every hour until the end of 2021. The fitting slogan for this kind of autonomous AI artist could be…

Ragnarok, the end of humanity. Clear the way for posthumanism.

DarioGi 😉

The art that you see is pure holistic mainstream. PEEZMO’s digital collage art is based on synthetic emotions in a constant learning process, comparable to a good bottle of wine that is tasting better by maturing over time.

PEEZMO AI is Collage Art based on Synthetic Emotions

DarioGi, the AI Artist Engine creator, teamed up for this massive project with the AI consultant Werner Bogula (, who works at the Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC) e.V. and is now responsible for further technical refinement and development.

AI Art Engine: Cavegirl
AI Art Engine: SambaDeColor
The overview video trailer of the PEEZMO AI 21 NFT Art Collection Part 1
The video trailer of the PEEZMO AI 21 NFT Art Collection Part 2
Minted on Polygon $MATIC
Available on

The Properties

To catalog the artworks in the best possible way, the images have assigned properties that clearly distinguish them from other NFTs. Among them are emotions, art types, production effort, etc. And, of course, some combinations of properties are rarer than others. Whether this makes them more valuable is left to the collectors.

Property: Emotions

The AI uses text input like news articles to generate a sentiment analysis from it. The synthetic emotions extracted from the text through this analysis are the raw material for creating the artwork.
There are primary and secondary emotions to get the art machine running. So, a typical combination can be Primary Emotion: Happyness, Secondary Emotion: Love.

Property: AI Engine

The AI engine, which is the heart of this digital artist, changes continually during the project. So that during the creation process, the style of the 4,000 collages changes little by little to give the art lover always new impressions. For example, the first engine I let do its work until about 1,000 exhibits was »Cavegirl« And after that came »SambaDeColor«, a machine that produced more colorful images.

Property: Artstyle

The created artworks get analyzed by a style detection AI, which compares the style elements in the generated art with thousands of traditional art pieces. So in the properties, we might find an art style combination of 80% Pop Art and 20% Magic Realism.

Property: Computing Time

I call it the Greta Factor, the calculation power that is needed to produce the art. The more time it needs, the more electricity it consumes. And that is not nice for our world.
Sometimes the production is straightforward and can be created within standard computing time. On the other hand, when the machine detects conflicting emotions, the processing takes longer over even very long.
The properties for Computing Time are standard, heavy, and insane. They will be relevant to our pricing.

Many thanks to MAGALL.ART: PEEZMO AI is now part of the Metaverse. Visit the AI artist on

The virtual (Metaverse) PEEZMO AI Minting Factory and Gallery
PEEZMO AI loves the Cryptovoxels Metaverse!
Inside the PEEZMO AI Minting Factory and Gallery
Inside the PEEZMO AI Minting Factory and Gallery

We have an insane PEEZMO AI 3D gallery on Cryptovoxels, VIBES Island. The gallery was built up by the most acclaimed Cryptovoxel Architect — OGAR!

Check Ogar ->
Announcement: DarioGi and MAGALL.ART

DarioGI partnered with the distributor and gallery MAGALL.ART to benefit from our knowledge and exposure in the NFT-Space, making this collection one of the trending and most notable NFT projects in 2021 and bringing a new idea and way to create art for the hungry, beloved NFT-Community.

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