The Magick Wishing Machines

A new ETH Collection ist out!

Magick Wishing Machines are symbolic devices designed to support you in your work with the Law of Attraction. So they serve your wish fulfilment and will give strength and perseverance to your wishes on their way to reality.

Each MWM (Magick Wishing Machine) has its own instruction manual. Here I’ll explain a very simple one so that you can understand the principle of the machines.

First, write your wish in short, simple words on a small piece of paper. Then fold the piece of paper once so that you can no longer see your written wish. Think again about your wish and its result in your life, then put the folded piece of paper on the first big vortex.

This vortex turns to the right. It is the same direction that would drive a screw into a piece of wood. And that’s what’s happening now with the wish on the piece of paper. It’s being pulled into the vortex and absorbed by the machine.

Now, for the second step, take a new tea light and light it. Then place it on the second field in the middle with the gray vortex. This one also turns to the right, so it sucks the flame energy.

Now, the CWM needs your imagination to get it going. Imagine your wish on the piece of paper being sucked into the machine. Then your wish energy travels up to the second vortex where the candle is. Here, your wish energy is strengthened with flame energy.

Finally, your wish energy flows to the third vortex. This vortex turns to the left. Left means that your strengthened energy leaves the machine here to enter the energy field of our world. The wish energy now has only one incessant urge, it wants to realize itself.

MWM #4 – Adept’s first Magick Wishing Machine (Copyright 2020 by DarioGi)

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