Exploring the Intricate Connection Between AI and Art: A Panel Discussion

As an AI artist and IT consultant deeply immersed in the world of AI art, I am thrilled to be part of the upcoming panel discussion organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Hamburg. This initiative demonstrates a genuine willingness to foster dialogue and explore the profound impact of artificial intelligence on the art world and society. However, it is essential to question whether the depth of the conversation surrounding the ethical and social aspects of AI in the arts truly captures the magnitude of this transformative fusion. Are we adequately prepared to confront the potential consequences on artistic expression and our understanding of art? These are the questions that need to be addressed.

The panel discussion, titled “What does AI in art mean for the art world and society?,” holds immense promise in bringing together experts from various fields. I am honored to join esteemed colleagues such as Prof. Dr. Andreas Moring, Shuk Orani, and others, who offer unique perspectives from the realms of art, IT, AI industries, and philosophy. Together, we aim to foster a diverse and engaging dialogue that explores the intricate connection between AI and art. Sarah Weintritt, a cultural manager with expertise in interdisciplinary projects, will skillfully moderate the discussion, ensuring a balanced exploration of the topic. It is our collective hope that this discussion will serve as a catalyst for further conversations and critical reflections that extend far beyond the confines of the event itself.

I must express my heartfelt appreciation to the entire team involved in bringing this project to fruition. The collaboration between artists, IT and AI specialists, and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation is commendable. It is through these collaborations that we can advance the convergence of art and technology. However, amidst this fusion, it is equally important to ensure that art retains its prominence over technology and that artistic expression remains at the forefront. This collaborative effort serves as a platform for initiating the essential discourse surrounding AI and art, and I am grateful to be part of this journey.

In an era where artificial intelligence permeates our lives more than ever before, the fusion of AI and art raises critical questions. What are the implications for artistic expression, creativity, and the human experience? As an AI artist, I have witnessed firsthand the immense potential of AI in pushing the boundaries of art. Through my work with PEEZMO, employing various AI technologies in creating synthetic emotions, innovative image processing, and even fully automated radio programs, I have explored the uncharted territories where technology and artistic expression intersect.

The art concept project, in collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, provides an invaluable platform to initiate conversations and reflections on the impact of AI on art. It is up to us, as artists, scholars, and enthusiasts, to seize this opportunity and delve deeper into this intricate connection. We must ensure that amidst technological advancements, the essence of human creativity and expression remains paramount.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the AI avatar hologram Electra Dare by Absolute Software, who was an active part of the panel discussion.
The Absolute Software laboratory: AI hologram Electra Dare, the great CEO Ruediger Hoefert (r) and Social Media Guru Wolfgang Bench (l)
AI Hologram Electra Dare

In conclusion, the upcoming panel discussion on AI in art organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation is a testament to their commitment to exploring the complex implications of AI in the arts. As an AI artist and IT consultant, I am honored to be part of this dialogue. Together, we have the opportunity to shape the future of art in the age of AI. Let us embrace this chance to celebrate the potential of AI in art while preserving the essence of human creativity. The journey ahead is exciting, and I look forward to the transformative discussions that lie ahead.

DarioGi aka PEEZMO

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